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A Brief Chronology of Events Involving The Earl of Northampton's Regiment
by Dan Howe

Original historical accounts
Compiled by Dan Howe

The Battle of Hopton Heath - 'The Day Chivalry Died'
by Alf Thompson

The Battle of Rowton Moor, September 24th 1645
by Alf Thompson

2000 Years of History (A short history of Pike Warfare)
by Greg King

GARSTANG - An imaginary account of a musketeer's first taste of combat
by Greg King

The Earl of Northampton's Regiment - 2004 in Review
by Dan Howe

Making a Nice Big Bang - without killing someone!
by Foxy (Brian Osborne)

Pike Company - Details of hierarchy, duties and responsibilities
by Rod Howe

Musket Company - Details of Dress Standards
by Sean Murray

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