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If you have any questions about the Regiment, please contact: (Commanding Officer - Sean Murray) (Regimental Administration/Membership Secretary - Bob Thomas) (Recruitment Officer - Gary Hudson ) (Events Coordinators - Barry Angell) (Webmaster - Kat Clark)

How to Join

If you are interested in joining the Earl of Northampton's Regiment of Foote all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

- Contact the Adjutant of the Regiment, Bob Thomas (full details below), and request an application form.

- Complete the form, sign & date to confirm you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the society.

- Write out a cheque payable to "The Earl of Northampton's Regiment" for the relevant total amount of annual membership and enrolment fee (amounts indicated below).

- Post completed form, cheque, s.a.e. for return of membership card(s), together with a note to say which arm of service you wish to join (pike, shotte, cannon crew, non-combatant) to the Adjutant:

Bob Thomas
32 Springborne

Membership fees for 2012:

Family - £54.00

Individual Family (1 Adult plus all children under 18) - £38.00

Individual (1 Adult) - £36.00

Young Person (16 or 17) - £30.00

Regimental Subs are applicable on top of the Membership fees.

Make this total payable to "The Earl of Northampton's Regiment".

* A "Young Person" is a person aged 16 to 24. A person aged 16 to 18 can only join as an individual in their own right if written parental/guardian consent is given. No children may be included on this membership.

*A "Family" includes two adults (aged 18+) living at the same address (e.g. husband & wife, co-habiting couple) and their children/adopted children being under the age of 18 years.

*Special arrangements may be made in the case of disabled people requiring full-time carers, and full-time students under 25 normally resident with the applicant - further details on request.

* Young members can only go on the battlefield once they have turned 16.*

Should you have any further queries please send an email to .