Welcome to the website of the Earl of Northampton's Regiment of Foote!

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We are a regiment of The Sealed Knot society. Our objective is to re-enact as accurately as possible, for both educational and entertainment purposes, what life was like for both soldiers and civilians during the period of the British Civil Wars in the mid-17th Century. This was arguably the most significant period of political and social turmoil in British history.

Please take the time to explore our site, which we hope you will find interesting, informative and entertaining. There are a range of articles to read, from historical documents to items of fiction written by members of the regiment. There is also an extensive range of photographs from our re-enactments in the picture gallery, in addition to various entertaining videos on the downloads page. If you are interested in joining our regiment, or would simply like further information, the contact details are all available and easy to find. Please also feel free to leave the signs of your passage in our Forum. Enjoy the site!


11/04/2012 - Updates to main website

Over the next couple of weeks the main website will have parts of it updated. Hopefully this will not interfere with any viewing of the website. As of now, the FAQ and Contact Us pages are fully updated and have the correct information.

11/04/2012 - Access to Forum

Any person wishing to have access to the Forum on this site, please read the topic General Information on how to gain access.